Laney IRT-X Ironheart 200W RMS Powered Guitar Expansion Extension Cabinet

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Laney IRT-X Ironheart 200W RMS Powered Guitar Expansion Cabinet

The IRT-X connects to your amps output section before the speaker and mimics the electronic and mechanical interaction between them. Unlike most guitar speakers, which are commonly, rolled off above 4Khz the IRT-X houses a high quality flat response 8" Driver and a 1" Compression Driver capable of far more highs and lows.

Use it as a kicked up personal guitar monitor on stage. The IRT-X houses a stereo FX loop so you can have a Wet/Dry set up.Super compact footprint, massive sound.

The IRT-X comes equipped with a ground lifted XLR DI out providing either a completely dry signal, or cabinet emulated with or without FX. Emulation options include Dry, 112 or 412.

The IRT-X is ideally suited to pairing with a modeling processor or DSP based DAW package as the IRT-X has a completely flat, full range frequency response.

Other features: Master volume, treble and bass Eq, XLR -1/4 combo inputs, upright or monitor orientable, phase reversal switch, top hat supplied for pole stand fitting.