Vigier Surfreter Supra Fretless Guitar in Clear Black

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Vigier Surfreter Supra Fretless Guitar in Custom Clear Black Finish

A fretless enthusiasts dream guitar. As you can tell from the photos, the guitar is an Absolute Stunner.

The extraordinary Vigier Surfreter has been at the cutting edge of fretless guitar technology since it's introduction. A whole subgenre of fretless players explore the unique and beautiful sonorities that this guitar produces. The latest incarnation of Vigier's iconic fretless instrument features a special proprietary iMetal metal alloy fingerboard. Includes all the usual Vigier's standouts including:


  • Eyelet retainers: You don't bend the strings across the neck on a fretless, you slide up and down the string and apply a classical-style horizontal vibrato. The eyelet retainers move along with the string and ensure that they come back to the same position every time.
  • 10/90 Neck: The 90% maple, 10% carbon neck just does not move. In that case what good is a truss rod you ask? None. There is no truss rod. There's also no more fiddling around with those little wrenches before the gig 'cause the weather changed and your neck decided to do a banana. You set up the guitar once, and that's it. If you do any kind of traveling with a guitar, you will appreciate this insanely stable neck.


As usual exceptional build quality on this guitar. The pictures speak for themselves. Check out Guthrie Govan demoing the Surfreter in the videos below

Specs: Alder body, maple neck, iMetal fingerboard, 25.6" scale, chrome hardware, Vigier locking tuners, fixed bridge, through body stringing, DiMarzio PAF Pro/FS1/Tone Zone, 5 position selector. Comes with plush blue hardcase and full manufacturer warranty (2 years). Made by Vigier in France. TriTones is a Vigier Authorized Dealer